Defensive father.. Aggressive daughter

Sania Mirza, 18, is the first Indian-born woman to win a WTA tournament. Even though many people thought she should be a doctor or lawyer, her parents let Mirza choose her own course, which is unusual in India. She has a pierced nose and bellybutton and five piercings in her ear. She carries two cellphones, a smashing forehand and an aggressive attitude. "My dad was a defensive batsman in cricket," Mirza said, "and he told me that if I played sports I should always go on the offense."

So goes the article in LA Times about the Indian teen sensation (ok, she had to share the article space with Peng Shuai, but it still was about her, wasn't it?). So why is this being posted in a cricket blog? One, it does have a willow connection and two, anyone with a pierced nose, a bellybutton and a smashing forehand would always get a free entry into my blogging space.


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