Viru's "good luck" and Saurav's "no luck"

It is just amazing how much of access the Telegraph folks (esp. Lokendra Pratap Sahi) have into the Indian team's dressing rooms (read - hotel rooms). It is as if Ganguly always has a Telegraph reporter following him 24/7. Ganguly lost his keys.. Ganguly sat at the far end of the dining table.. Ganguly is mad.. Ganguly is happy.. Ganguly is not so mad.. Ganguly is not so happy.. so on and so forth. I have always thought that they should have a separate "Ganguly Column" in addition to the regular sports one, dedicating it entirely to the daily (hourly rather) activities of the "Not-captain-Now" batsman. Anyway, this latest article about Arthi arriving in Colombo and Dona not doing the same is quite amusing. Especially, the last paragraph.

“Now, I’ll be at home till our Zimbabwe tour later this month... Dona would have come had I been required for the three (Asia versus Africa) ODIs in South Africa soon after this tri-series,” Sourav told The Telegraph.

Saurav never really lets go of anything that hurts him. Does he? (Yeah, Inspite of all his recent failings, he does really deserve a place in the Asian side.. But neither Saurav nor Vishnu Pavan [nor Lokendra Pratap Sahi] gets to decide that) Doesn't really waste any oppurtunity to rub it in. Does he?

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