Cricket in the White House

What do Andy Jackson, William Henry Harrison, James Buchanan, Andy Johnson, Chester Arthur, Benjamin Harrison, John Kennedy and George Bush (yeah, dubya too) have in common apart from being the President of the United States?

Playing the English game!!

Check it out..
Andy Jackson - LH Bat (Trinidad & Tobago)
William Henry Harrison - (Hampshire)
James Buchanan - RH Bat, SLA orthodox (Rhodesia)
Andy Johnson - RH Bat (Shropshire)
Chester Arthur - RH Bat (Surrey)
Benjamin Harrison - RH Bat, RH Medium-fast (Cumberland)
John Kennedy - RH Bat (Warwickshire)
George Bush - LH Bat, Leg Break Googly (Western Australia).

Surprised? Well, if Yasser Arafat can play cricket, why can't the American Presidents?


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Blogger ______ 9:01 AM

what i think you got it wrong....
If I am not mistaken, the " George Bush" you mentioned is not apna dubya. He is a guy from western australia. But, I might be wrong.
Do put in the correct information if I am wrong.    

Blogger vishnupavan 9:07 AM

Oh.. ya thought that was true :) that isn't obvious.. is it? Well they are all just namesakes.. Yasir arafat is a young Pakistani cricketer..    

Blogger Prahalathan 8:40 AM

Someone actually Recommended your site!!!    

Blogger Pratik 5:44 AM


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