Resting Bond..

Quotes (before today's match)
Fleming (on resting Bond) - "I personally feel that it will be better to rest him, so that the Indians don't get another look at him before the final. If he does have a psychological hold over the Indians, it would be better to have them guessing during the main game."
Bond (on maintaining rhythm) - "It feels good that success is coming to me with the new ball for in the Test matches against Zimbabwe, I bowled a fair deal with the older ball. In a way it was good that I played Tests before the one-dayers for it upped my confidence and improved my rhythm."
Oram (on Bond being the start and end of NZ attack) - "If you looked solely in the wickets column you could say that. Bowling isn't a one-man show, it's about partnerships".

The only thing Fleming managed to do by resting Bond in today's game was to show everyone that the Kiwi bowling attack minus Bond is fairly pedestrian. All the Indian batsmen on display played with minimum trouble and brought themselves back into some form. Bond might still be the one having the psychological hold, but the Indians would be going into the final in some sort of a rhythm. They would step into the final knowing very well that they just need to see off 10 overs from Bond and the rest would serve it upto them.

After their performance in the Indian Oil Cup and the opening game in Bulawayo, the Indians needed a big victory (chasing a big total) to boost their confidence and Fleming provided it to them in a platter. Vettori is their second best bowler and he was rested too. Why? Ask Fleming. It should be something to do with protecting the psychological advantage that the left arm spinner has on the Indian middle order.

Quotes (after the match)
Fleming - "We didn't want him (Bond) to play against India today because we think he has an advantage over them. He just runs on auto-pilot and having him fresh is the key. You come up against a quality bowler and your last performance goes out of the window, and Shane is in a different league altogether."
Bond - "The Indians would be hoping the break of six days would do funny things to my rhythm and the pressure of leading the attack could tell on me. I remember before the 2003 World Cup there was a break of 15 days but it did not hurt me."
Greg Chappell - "I'm not sure if keeping Shane Bond and Daniel Vettori out of the game was the right tactic for New Zealand but it did allow our batsmen to run into form."

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