My 2006 Wish List

Christmas is over and Santa Claus is back in his north pole village preparing for next year's wish lists. I have lots of wishes for next year, some earthy and simple while others outrageously over the top.

Here is a list of my "cricket wishes"...
(a) India wins the ICC Knockout tournament.
(b) Tendulkar reaches his 40th test hundred
(c) Ganguly does well enough to be in the reckoning for World Cup 2007
(d) Dhoni cuts his hair short
(e) Arun Lal and Ranjit Fernando quit commentating
(f) More use of technology - LBW appeals get referred to the third umpire
(g) Super sub rule gets modified - the sub can be named anytime and can be anyone in the remaining squad
(h) No game is played in Kolkata
(i) Hussey finishes the year with 100+ averages in both forms of the game
(j) Pathan makes atleast one century in either form of the game.
(k) Warne and Kumble play ODIs again
(l) Piyush Chawla stars in India's under-19 world cup win.
(m) Taibu plays international cricket again
(n) Shane Bond goes through the entire year without sustaining any injuries
(o) England wins all its matches against Australia - the Ashes spill over into 2007
(p) Railways wins the Ranji Trophy again (they are off to a slow start but..)
(q) The Scorpio speedster event unearths the fastest bowler in the world.
(r) Less high-scoring ODI games and more 210-220 score thrillers.
(s) No rained out test matches (no cricket in chennai during the monsoon season)
(t) Sehwag and Dhoni open together in an ODI and play out the entire 50 overs (I know this is in direct conflict with my wish "r", but still.. wouldn't you want to know how much they can score if they last that long?)

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Blogger Rishi Gajria 4:41 PM

"No game is played in Kolkata"

I second that.    

Blogger Nagu 11:31 AM

Hi good work most of them on my wish list too.
wrote a post on my blog( after taking inspiration from you.
Happy New Year

Blogger sandeep 9:36 PM

Nice wishlist friend...I liked it...Dhoni cut short his hair but he is not giving a dappering look...what shall we do know?    

Blogger vishnupavan 11:40 AM

Nagu, Thanks and Wish you the same..

Sandeep, I saw an old Dhoni pic the other day with short hair - he looks just as good..    

Anonymous Anonymous 8:06 PM

I will not acquiesce in on it. I over nice post. Particularly the appellation attracted me to be familiar with the whole story.    

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