11 consecutive successful run chases (and the Dhoni factor)

After the match in Bulawayo against NZ where Shane Bond decimated the top order (and reduced India to 44/8), India has not lost a single run-chase in eleven tries. Since that doomed day in late August, they have had to chase on 11 occasions and they have come trumps on all occasions. These are their winning (chasing) scores during this period - 279/4, 255/6, 123/2, 303/4, 262/6, 197/3, 245/5, 171/4, 224/5, 266/3 and 292/5.

The interesting thing about these wins is that they never lost more than 6 wickets during the run chase. Now have a look at the Dhoni factor in these games. His scores are - 37*(off 26), 67*(off 63), DNB, 183*(off 145), 45*(off 43), DNB, 80(off 73), DNB, 12(26), DNB and 72*(off 46). That is an aggregate of 496 runs in 7 innings with a whopping average of 248 (dismissed only twice - he failed only once when he scored 12 against SA; his other dismissal on 80 was a result of his failed attempt to finish the game off with a six). Except for that one failure, each one of those remaining knocks was a match-winner. These stats just go on to show how good a finisher he has become for India. Dhoni is here to stay and I guess so are his locks (now that the Pak Prez has also joined the Dhoni Hairstyle Fan club).


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Blogger Jaunty Quicksand 12:34 PM

Nice work, picking up on this fact. Like many other people, I had a vague suspicion that lots of games were ending with Dhoni's smiling face on the camera, but your post confirms it.

He is not all slam-bang as the stats may indicate, and that augers well for his long-term prospects. I have no doubt that he will thrive outside the sub-continent, too.    

Blogger Bunty 6:33 PM

But in most of these chases, barring the one against SL in Jaipur, the game was setup with Dhoni being able to exercise his license to go for the kill rather than start the hunt with a plan. Not taking away anything with his application, but for most of these chases, the entire team has contributed like in the latest, SRT and Yuvraj setup the game neatly and we had the cushion of the tail, which has more often than lately wagged. On the whole, looks like the sweat that the team has been working out is paying off. Just to add another tinge to this discussion, how about SG back opening with SRT, and Veeru one down :)    

Blogger bk 10:34 PM

A very nice blog (i know it wud be redundant nevertheless)...well culled out statistics.
Augurs great for India...shud be a lot more fun be an Indian followin these ODI's (it s always been, is a different matter.)

I think bunty's made a very valid call. Gambhir has lost out a bit. thankfully he has the backin of the mangt. and him standin at 2nd slip, to me, is an indicator of that.

he s a very decent potential. needs to relax a bit and take it as he used to in the initial stages of his test career.    

Blogger Nagu 3:19 AM

nice work vishnu.
with Yuvrajs arrival on international circuit india started to win some matches chasing totals but with dhoni in team as well the success rate of chasing totals had gone up tremendously as evident by ur analysis.
Hope india continues this good work.    

Blogger vishnupavan 9:38 AM

Bunty, Even before Dhoni came along, the top order used to set it up well during chases only for the middle and lower batsman to choke and mess it up. It is heartening to see the current batsmen understand their roles properly and deliver - just look at Yuvi's innings yesterday.. He started off at a good pace and when Sachin departed, he let Dhoni take the show..
About SG, I still think he has a few good years left in him.. (more so in the ODIs than in tests).. He should be in the running sooner or later..    

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