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Courtesy: Srinath's latest Column (Rediff)
Former captain Sourav Ganguly must sort out his standing with the Indian team. The news of Ganguly being dropped is hitting the headlines too often. It does not do any good to his cricket as well to Indian cricket.

A senior player like him should meet the selectors and few senior cricketers to get a good picture on his utility to the side. He cannot be treated like Gautam Gambhir, who could be dropped disdainfully and picked at the same time.

Dunno about being treated like Gambhir, but Sourav can take a leaf out of the fellow southpaw's book and make his way back into the team by scoring big runs. It wouldn't have been easy for Gambhir either for being dropped from a test series after sitting out on the bench for the entire duration of the previous test series. But he took it in his stride, did not shy away from his day job, walked back into the middle this morning at Baroda and showed how mentally strong he is. His century today should go a long way in boosting the youngster's confidence. If not for anything, it would make Wasim Jaffer concentrate just a bit more at the middle in Nagpur. Jaffer would know that there is a talented bloke breathing down his neck and that he should make the most of the opportunities that come his way.

On the other side of the country, Ganguly decided to opt out of tomorrow's East Vs South Deodhar trophy game. Well, sitting out of these games doesn't really help his cause. Does it? He might be feeling a bit low on confidence, but shouldn't he be working towards regaining his self-belief by battling it in the ground as opposed to sitting at home and sulking. Is he tired? Has he given up? I would like to think that the answer to those questions is a big NO. He still has some cricket left in him and it would be a shame if he gives up without trying. If ever Ganguly doubted the merits of bringing in an youngster instead of him and wondered what is it that these youngsters (like Gambhir) of today have that he lacks - the answer is simple, attitude - miles and miles of never-give-up-come-what-may attitude.

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Blogger Nagu 7:39 AM

i think its hard for anyone who had been in and out of indian side especially someone like ganguly who served the nation at highest level, to be high in confidence at this stage and continue playing domestic cricket.i know by opting out doesnot do any good to him .i think its end end of raod for him as selctors clearly mentioned they are looking for youth.hope i am wrong
best would be to follow what srinath had suggested to solve this saga.    

Blogger vishnupavan 1:14 PM

Yeah it is always mentally hard when you are told that you are wanted anymore.. Sourav has shown great fighting qualities in the past when pushed against the wall - I just don't want him to give up now.. If he wants to play the world cup next year, he needs to play in the country's premier ODI championship.. there is just no other way..    

Blogger Pratik 11:42 PM

Sounds like you want him to play in the ODIs more than he does himself. Anyway, you can't just put this down to his attitude. That is not the only difference. I'll leave it at that.    

Blogger vishnupavan 6:57 AM

Pratik, guess i do sound desperate :) well, I believe he still has some cricket left at the top level.. I really do.. sounds improbable and impractical, but definitely aint impossible.. :) SOurav, ya hearing??    

Blogger Alok 4:45 PM    

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