Ranji 2005-06 - Pacers dominate the wicket takers list

RR Powar (Mum - 42 wkts at 22.66)
P Kumar (UP - 41 wkts at 23.97)
SS Lahiri (Ben - 39 wkts at 28.87)
SM Maniar (Sau - 38 wkts at 17.84)
SK Trivedi (Guj - 37 wkts at 15.94)
SS Paul (Ben - 36 wkts at 25.38)
P Chawla (UP - 35 wkts at 24.17)
MM Patel (Mah - 34 wkts at 19.70)
J Sharma (Har - 34 wkts at 22.79)
KS Sahabuddin (And - 32 wkts at 18.59)
C Nanda (Del - 30 wkts at 24.33)
AW Zaidi (UP - 30 wkts at 26.33)
SR Singh (Vid - 29 wkts at 12.48)
S Gill (Raj - 28 wkts at 17.32)
Gagandeep Singh (Pun - 28 wkts at 18.07)
DS Mohanty (Ori - 27 wkts at 13.00)
A Katti (Ass - 26 wkts at 19.76)

The list is largely dominated by the fast bowlers. You can deduce multiple things from this - pitches are more seamer-friendly, no more dust-bowls, the art of spin in the country is on a sharp decline, Indian batsmen play spin better than pace and that there is a reason why there is no scorpio-spinster (forgive the terminology) contest.

Of the 17 listed, only 5 are spinners - Powar (off spin, age-27), Lahiri (off spin, age-24), Chawla (leg spin, age-17), Nanda (left arm orthodox, age-20) and Katti (left arm orthodox, age-33). Katti (formerly of Karnataka) plays for Assam in the plate group and given his age, we can conveniently ignore (rather harshly) his feats.

Off-spinners: I have never really been a fan of Ramesh Powar's bowling. I have always believed that he is a better batsman than a bowler. To his credit, he has always managed to be amongst the wickets and this season, he has ended up being the top wicket taker in the league. So, if the selectors pick him as Harbhajan's like-to-like replacement, his detractors shouldn't really be complaining. He has performed well enough over the past few years to deserve a chance in the big league. Hopefully he'll get a game or two in the ODIs against Pakistan. Saurasish Lahiri plays for Bengal and he should come next to Powar in the off-spinners reserve list. Even without any East Zone politics, he should be able to get a chance sooner or later - he has been on the fringes for a while now. Not long ago, Sarandeep Singh used to be the first amongst the off-spin reserves. He had a very forgettable season and was even dropped from the Delhi team.

Leg Spinners - Piyush is the only wrist spinner in the list. He had a very good debut season and he is still very young. After helping UP win the Ranji trophy, he is currently playing the lead role in India's under-19 world cup campaign. There is every possibility that he might get to don the senior colors this year. Haryana's Amit Mishra, who has been picked to play for the Board XI against England is not in the list.

Left arm spinners - Delhi's 20 year old Chetanya Nanda is the sole left arm orthodox spinner in the list. He is the only bowler in the list who took 30+ wickets and did not have more than one 5-for. At the moment, the selectors seem to think that Hyderabad's Pragyan Ojha (who is not in this list) is a better bet than Nanda. But given the sudden dearth of left-arm spin-bowling options in the country, his progress would be closely monitored.

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Blogger Nagu 6:25 AM

i have just read ur post on indian ranji trophy and under 19 world cup.thanx for all the information u provided and its rare to find someone interested in dometsic games to the same extent as international matches.nice posts    

Blogger vishnupavan 3:54 PM

Nagu, appreciate the comments.. I do like following domestic games -- 'll continue to keep blogging on them whenever there is anything worth blogging about..    

Blogger shakester 3:48 AM

good post, vp...as said, domestic cricket posts are few and far between...    

Blogger Imran Photos 7:32 AM

I agree with all of you that we should give attention to domestic cricekt players and teams because there is lot of talent there and our Indian team can't give a chance to all good players.
There were some excellent nail baiting finish matches in the ranji ODI going on.Mumbai & karnataka are the best performing teams till now.To me it seems like Karnataka will take honor of Ranji ODI winner.The all round perforamce of C.Raghu was amazing.you can get latest scores & stories about Ranji ODI going on @ http://usa.cricinfo.com/db/ARCHIVE/2005-06/IND_LOCAL/ROD/    

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