Nehra fit... but will he fit?

Nehra says he is fit and sees no problem in making a comeback as soon as he finds some rhythm going.

"Munaf, Sreesanth and R P Singh were performing well. Once I am fully fit and in good rhythm, getting back into the team will not be a problem."

Good to see him high on confidence, but it isn't really going to be that easy getting back into the national team.

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Blogger Harsh 1:29 PM

Nehra fit? That's joke!    

Blogger worma 1:46 PM

I feel getting in won't be a problem for him..even if he gets close to his good form (which he should in helpful English conditions). And he was a match-winner till the last series he played in. It's staying in the team, during his inconsistent spells, that would be tough for him now.    

Blogger vishnupavan 2:45 PM

Manish, He mentioned something about county cricket.. (not sure if he would get to play for any of the main teams.. might end up playing some minor league) but not sure how much that means these days.. With not much domestic cricket left in the season, guess there aren't too many chances for him to perform. I don't think he would be able to make it to the WI tour. Guess, it would take a few more months to get into some rhythm and by that time, some of these youngsters might have cemented their places. Hope he doesn't go the Zaheer way..    

Blogger The Light-House. 6:49 AM

I dont think packing a side with left arm bowlers will do any good to the Indian team    

Blogger Pratik 3:16 PM

As opposed to having all right-arm bowlers in the team? Why're people okay with that and not left-armed ones?

I hope Nehra gets to his best soon, and can remain injury-free for a long time. Having more choices to pick from is always good for us. Plus, I think Nehra's under-rated anyway.    

Blogger vishnupavan 4:48 AM

Don't think it matters much if you pack your bowling attack with all lefties (or all righties) as long as they are all wicket-takers. Remember, the English attack for last year's Ashes had 4 right-handed seamers, who were all capable of being match-winners on their day. Having said that, I would like to have one tear-away fast bowler, one good swinger of the new ball, one good reverse-swinger of the old ball and one good McGrath-like bowler in my bowling attack.. Now is that too much to ask?    

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