A very dark day in ODI bowling history

Chasing 435 to win, South Africa are 190/1 in 22 overs (well and truly on track). Unbelievable hitting. Now what are the odds that a team defending 434 would start choking.

Update 1: 242/2 in 26 overs. I got out of my seat and Smith got out. I promise I'll not budge again till the end of the game.

Update 2: Gibbs 150 0ff 100. 18 runs off the 29th over. The required run rate less than 8.

Update 3: 279/2 in 30 overs. 156 required off 20 overs with 8 wickets in hand - A normal chasing score in 20-20 cricket.

Update 4: Gibbs gone. 175 off 111. One of the best ODI innings that you would ever get to watch. 136 now needed off 18 overs.

Update 5: 300 up in 32.2 overs. Batsmen all over the world would be queuing up to make love with this batting beauty.

Update 6: 93 needed off the last 10 overs. South Africa have slowed down a bit after the fall of Gibbs' wicket- only 63 runs came between overs 31-40.

Update 7: Just 2 off the 41st over. Great over given the context. Bracken making up for the dropped catch (Gibbs) earlier.

Update 8: 80 off 8 overs needed. The record for the most number of 4s in an ODI has just been broken.

Update 9: 77 of 7 Overs with 4 wickets in hand. Another great over from Bracken. If Australia win from here, they would have to owe the victory to this spell from Nathan. Is it just me or has Damien Martyn suddenly become a liability in the field? He has misfielded quite a few in this game.

Update 10: I know Mick Lewis is supposed to be the best death-bowler in Autralian domestics, but I'm not sure if he is the right bowler now. 16 runs coming off 44th over including 2 atrociously hit sixers over the cover boundary. 61 now needed off 6 overs.

Update 11: Johan Van der Wath is creaming them all. This bloke can sure hit it a long way. 47 now needed off 30 balls.

Update 12: 38 needed off 24 balls.

Update 13: Van der watch gone for 35, neat little cameo. 399/7.

Update 14: 400 up for the second time in the game. Unbelievable.

Update 15: 30 needed off the last three overs.

Update 16: Mick Lewis makes a century as well, off his bowling though. He is now officially the most expensive bowler in an ODI innings.

Update 17: Just 13 now needed off 12 balls. 113 runs of Mick Lewis' 10 overs.

Update 18: It ain't over yet. Telemachus slogs one ball too many and Hussey takes a great tumbling catch. 2 more wickets to go. Andrew Hall is a nice batsman to come in at No.10.

Update 19: 7 needed off the last over. What a game.. What an incredible series.. Brett Lee to bowl the last over with Boucher on strike.

Update 20: Boucher smashes it back onto the bowler's shins. Lucky stop. 6 now needed off 5 balls.

Update 21:Four .. thatz a four.. Hall gets it past the mid-wicket fieldsman.. 2 to win off 4

Update 22: I just can't believe this is happening. Hall is gone. Why did he have to hit it in the air? Ntini now to face Lee. 2 off three needed.

Update 23: Ntini gets 1. 1 needed off 2. Ruddy Brilliant.

Update 24: They have done it.. they have done it. Boucher hits it past the mid-on fielder for a boundary. Easily the best ODI game ever. Smithie boy will have a lot to say tonight.. Now who are the chokers?

872 runs scored off 99.5 overs. Best ODI game ever from the batting point of view. But spare a thought for the bowlers. This would sure go down as the darkest day ever in the history of ODI bowling.

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Blogger Nagu 10:15 AM

it was indeed a great chase by SA nobody expected them to chase 434.
It was awesome hitting    

Blogger bk 11:01 PM

POOR POOR...the game s dying...Where are the Newlands and the WACA and the Christchurchs and the Ovals and the Antiguas? Where are the Holdings and the Lillees and the MArshalls and the Warnes and the Muralis and the Vettoris?

Is this cricket? What s more - ppl raving it? ominous signs!!! hate it all. (like a Twenty20 game...God help).

ps - Boycs was all praise for the 3rd day - the grinding and the swingin of fortunes and ...
happy about the pace of scoring in this test - hopefully more bcos of good bowling rather than defenisve batting, infact even the latter aint that bad - atleast the batsmen know that the bolwers are good and there s somethin in the pitch...way to go - just that i missd a littl more potency in Eng line-up. India - 5 bowlers - way to go.    

Blogger Michael Higgins 12:56 PM

Hi Pavan
There isn't a rock big enough for Mick Lewis to hide under. On the other hand, this match will make Nassar Hussein and Sukvinder Singh feel a bit better.

I remember reading somewhere that up until recently (maybe one year ago or maybe yesterday) South Africa never successfully chased a 300+ score in an ODI.

But it also occurred to me that maybe the Indian batsmen really choked in the world cup final. It was the same grounds and 75 fewer runs to chase. Perhaps if they had kept their nerve like Gibbs did they might have given it a decent chase. Of course, McGrath makes a difference.    

Blogger vishnupavan 2:53 PM

Michael, India was really in the hunt in that world cup final as long as that Sehwag-Dravid partnership was alive (147/3 in 23 overs). They lost a few wickets too many after that. The key to a big successful run chase is to have someone in your top 3 score a big hundred. Gibbs did it yesterday, India needed Sehwag to be there for atleast 10 more overs on that day. Also as you said, it helps having McGrath in your bowling attack.    

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