Euro-Asia 'A' Cup: More of Asia, Less of Euro

India 'A' and 5 other A sides from Europe and Asia (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Holland, UAE and Ireland) are scheduled to play in the Euro-Asia 'A' tournament in Abu Dhabi from April 22 to May 5. India, Pakistan and Holland are pooled together in one group while the remaining teams form the second pool.

Irrespective of the quality of the opposition, the Indian team selected for this tournament seems to be a fairly formidable side.

Team: Y. Venugopal Rao (captain), Robin Uthappa, Shikhar Dhawan, Vidyut Sivaramakrishnan, S. Badrinath, Avishek Jhunjhunwala, Rohit Sharma, Dinesh Karthik, Ravindra Jadeja, Shib Shankar Paul, Reetinder Singh Sodhi, Rudra Pratap Singh, VRV Singh, Piyush Chawla.

Rao, Robin and RP Singh are in the senior side which is scheduled to play against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi on April 18 and 19. They will probably get to have some additional shopping time as they would have to stay back for this second string challenge.

Openers: Robin, Dhawan and Vidyut
Good to see the selectors stick to these players instead of being tempted to draft in someone like Pujara. Only two of them would probably be in the starting XI and Vidyut might be the one to miss out.

Middle Order: Rao, Badri, Avishek, Rohit, Sodhi
Sodhi gets a deserved second (third, fourth whatever) look after his good performances in the domestic ODIs this season. I'm excited about Avishek and would be interested in seeing how he fares in this tournament. He is touted to be the next Bengal hero and given Ganguly's chances at staging a comeback, young JhunJhunWala is Bengal's only hope. Rohit has been growing from strength to strength after the under-19 world cup (has left the likes of Pujara and Dhiman way behind) and is another exciting talent worth investing in. Rao is the skipper and if he doesn't get to play any international cricket in the next 15 days, he would be keen on putting on an impressive show. Badri has started featuring regularly in these A sides and he should start cashing in on these opportunities.

Wicket-Keeper: Dinesh Karthik
The wicket-keeper slot for the A sides seems to have become a sort of lottery between Parthiv and Dinesh these days. I don't think Karthik got the nod because of his middle-east connections (his dad works used to work somewhere in the middle-east)

Seamers: Paul, RP and VRV
The usual suspects. I would have preferred someone else, Nabi maybe, instead of RP Singh. RP is a regular fixture in the senior squad (though he hasn't been a regular in the XI lately) and it would have been nice to try someone else out.

Spinners: Jadeja (left-arm orthodox) and Piyush (leg-spin)
Both of them played in the under-19 world cup earlier this year (with Piyush going on to make his test debut) and they are both quite adept with the bat as well.


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Blogger Pranshu Sharma 12:43 AM

Gud 2 c sodhi back but am disappointed 2 not c the names of mongia & manhas, both r doing so well right now. As u mentioned, abid nabi shud have made it. Also avishkar salvi, who gettin back in2 the groove. And what about railways opener- TP Singh? Why was he asked 2 attend a training session with the indian team? Any idea...    

Blogger bk 12:06 PM

wow (reg. and the comment) - way to go!!    

Blogger Pratik 8:33 PM

Where are you, Vishy?    

Blogger Sonny 1:12 AM

India A Composition:

I would have wanted some ex-India guys to be present, maybe Zaheer Khan, L.Balaji, Amit Bhandari & surely Abid Nabi in the pace department.

Among spinners i would have liked someone experienced besides the rookie spinners, someone like Sarandeep, Murali Karthik or even Amit Mishra.

The openers are good but i would have liked the selectors to have tried out Rowland or even Chowgule, whatever has happened to Dheeraj Jadhav, havent heard of him at all??

Wicket Keeper think Parthiv could have got the nod but then again its a different team composition altogether, maybe India & Pakistan should have been allowed to play their B team as well.

My India B Team:
S.Ganguly (c), G.Gambhir,A.Chopra, B.M.Rowland, D.Chowgule, D.Jadhav,P.patel (wk), A.Nabi, Zaheer Khan, L.Balaji, M.Karthik, H.Badani, J.P.Yadav & D.Mongia

India C Team:
A.Jadeja (c), A.Bhandari, S.Sriram,A.Mishra, Gagandeep Singh, R.S.Gavaskar, A.Rayadu, NSC Ayyapa, A.Ratra (wk), R.Bose, T.Youhannan, Sarandeep Singh,L.R.Shukla & Wasim Jaffer    

Blogger Manish Kumar Pandey 2:10 PM

really good to see this wonderful team.. and see what these young guys could do for us... well for more information on world cup cricket visit and log on!    

Blogger Harvey Ruggeri 3:59 AM

your letter is so professional! Hope it will work!    

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