Duleep Trophy 2006 - East Zone Squad

The folks at PTI were the first to report the East Zone squad and these are the names that they came up with.

Team: Sourav Ganguly (captain), Lakshmiratan Shukla, Shubomoy Das, Shib Shankar Das, Ranadeb Basu, Debasish Mohanty, Abhishek Jhunjhunwala, Sourasish Lahiri, A Sinha, Pravanjan Das, S S Rao, D Mohan, S Saigal, P Mallick and Ashoke Dinda.

Nazeeb Ahmed, Manoj Tiwari and S Sinha.

Shib Sunder Das became Shib Shankar Das, Ranadeb Bose became Ranadeb Basu and Nechim Ahmed became Nazeeb Ahmed. They missed out the names of Rohan Gavaskar and Deep Dasgupta altogether and also somehow managed to invent a couple of new names - A Sinha and D Mohan. Now how hard is it to pay attention to the selector announcing the names and list them down?

Anyway, here is the correct list.

Sourav Ganguly (capt), Subhomoy Das, Arindam Das, Abhishek Jhunjhunwala, Deep Dasgupta, Saurashish Lahiri, Laxmiratan Shukla, Ranadeb Bose, Rohan Gavaskar, Ashok Dinda, Manoj Tewari (reserve), Shib Sagar Singh (reserve)
Orissa: Shib Sundar Das, Prabhanjan Mullick, Debashish Mohanty, Sourav Saigal
Jharkhand: Shiv Shankar Rao
Assam: Abu Nechim Ahmed (reserve)

18 players, including 3 reserves were named - 12 from Bengal (quite understandably as Bengal is the only East Zone team which plays in the Ranji Elite group), 4 from Orissa and 1 each from Jharkhand and Assam.

Openers: Arindam, Subhomoy, Shib Sundar
The Das trio - SS Das was once the nation's first choice opener. Now he is not necessarily the first choice East Zone opener. He had a fairly ordinary domestic season last year. Subhomoy is the only one of these three who managed to reach the three figure mark last season (did it once). Arindam Das made 5 half centuries, but never went past 70.

Middle-order: Ganguly, Jhunjhunwala, Gavaskar, Mullick, Tewary (reserve)
This is a huge season for Ganguly. If he doesn't make a comeback to the national side by the end of the season, a retirement could be on the cards. Jhunjhunwala's claim to fame is a 139 at over run a ball, chasing a target of 303 in the final innings against Railways. He is touted to be Bengal's next great thing and it wouldn't be long to find out if he is the real deal. Rohan Gavaskar had his chances at the international level and I really don't see him staging a comeback. He was one of the commentators during the Challenger Series and from the looks of it, he doesn't really seem like one who would do well behind the microphone. Mullick is 30+ and the reason why his name is on that list is because he made couple of centuries last season including a big double century. Manoj Tewary was a successful leg-spinner during his under-19 days, now he is more of a batsman who can bowl some slow stuff.

Wicket-Keeper: Deep Dasgupta
Without Dhoni in the fray, Dasgupta is East Zone's best keeper. And like he showed during his days at the international level, he is more than handy with the bat.

All-rounders: Shukla, Shib Sagar (reserve)
LaxmiRatan Shukla was once touted to be the nation's next best all-rounder. He played 3 ODIs in 1999 and then faded away from the selectors' plans. To his credit, he is still a very valuable player for Bengal. He is 5 wickets short of 100 first class wickets and has a pretty decent batting average to go with it. At 25 he is still fairly young, but it would take a super-human effort from him to make the selectors start noticing him again. Shib Sagar is a handy batsman who can bowl orthodox left-arm spin. He is in the reserves for now and would be called up if Saigal fails to make an impact in the initial games.

Seamers: Mohanty, Bose, Dinda, SS Rao, Nechim Ahmed (reserve)
Mohanty played his last ODI for India in 2001 against Sri Lanka in Colombo. He turned 30 a few months ago, but is still a great force in East Zone cricket. Ranadeb Bose and Ashok Dinda (SS Paul's replacement - Paul has an injured knee) are Bengal's frontline bowlers and would be providing support to Mohanty. Jharkhand's Rao would be hoping that he would get a few games to show that he belongs in this team. The Under-19 star Abu Nechim is the reserve seamer. Either he or Tiwary would make it to the final 16.

Spinners: Lahiri, Saigal
Lahiri is the main spinner. Orissa's Sourav Saigal would be on trial during the first few games.

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Anonymous Anonymous 10:16 AM

er.... i think you meant East zone in most places that you mention West Zone.    

Blogger vishnupavan 10:24 AM

Thanks for pointing it out -- did the corrections..    

Blogger shyantan 12:55 AM

who the hell has wrtten this article...????
ranadeb bose and ranadeb basu is same......    

Anonymous Anonymous 2:26 AM

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