Steyn stains India's tour opener..


  • Wasim "the specialist with the GOOD technique on bouncy pitches" Jaffer - 5
  • Sachin "the one who MUST score big in every game that India plays" Tendulkar - 5
  • Mahendra "the one with the additional responsibility of batting up the order" Dhoni - 7
  • Suresh "the prodigy who can neither prod nor dig at the moment" Raina - 0
  • Rahul "the designated saviour" Dravid - 79

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Anonymous Cricketmaniac 7:41 AM

Sachin "the one who everyone thinks WILL score big" Tendulkar - 5

Rahul "the one who ACTUALLY scores big" Dravid - 79

what ya say?    

Blogger omarhaq 1:49 PM

i still have no clue why jaffer is in the side....

is sehwag out of the 2nd odi?    

Blogger Scribbler 2:23 AM

at least one of them stood up to their nicknames!    

Blogger utpaul 11:43 PM

Weaknesses of Indian cricket is well known; it has been known for many a years by now. We cant bat on fast bouncy wicket, we cant field, we cant run between the wickets, we are never physically fit and so on and so forth.
A few years back the BCCI decided to do something about it and brought in a foreign coach. The experiment having succeded somewhat, the BCCI decided to be more bold in the second round and brought on the most expensive coach available on earth. The coach had a flair with words and promtly declared he is going to win the World Cup for India. Every time India's performance slid, he asked us to be patient and see the big picture, the World Cup, which was going to be ours. "We are moving towards golden tomorrow"
Years have passed and the weaknesses of Indian remain. While the coach is busy in putting his processes in place the team continues to get out for under hundred on bouncy wickets. His processes decrees that the team should undergo army training and the in the process the team is left fit neither for army nor for cricket. Pathan, Dhoni, Raina, Sehwag have been turned into have beens even before they could hit their prime form.Anyway, we need not worry, the World Cup is ours!    

Blogger Little 9:18 PM

hey Vishnu

you are too slow to post your blogs. while i enjoyed reading your previous entries as i came across your posts, i was truly disappointed (like the indian performance), when i found no entries.

we are already two to nil (2-0) in the series. When are you goin to post, after we finish the series 4-0 and test matches 3-0..?    

Blogger vishnupavan 10:35 AM

little.. apologise for being lazy... 'll try not to disappoint again..    

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