Dumb Dismissal

Courtesy: Cricinfo
Muralitharan was run out after completing a single which gave Kumar Sangakkara his century. His wicket ended the Sri Lankan second innings at 170, leaving New Zealand a 119-run target for victory, which they achieved for the loss of five wickets.

After grounding his bat to complete the run, Murali turned back to congratulate Sangakkara. But the ball had not been ruled dead allowing Brendon McCullum, the wicketkeeper, to whip the bails off.

McCullum did what he had to do and Murali ended up looking dumb. But what looks real funny for me in the whole process is Umpire Brian Jerling's gestures. The following clip will show Brian gesturing Murali to get back into the crease before the throw comes in. Surely, an Umpire can't do that..

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Blogger omarhaq 4:48 PM

fair enough, but macullum should not have appealed. he must have known murali was going to congratulate sangakarra.

the leg umpire in your video had started walking towards the pitch to start the new over anyway...    

Blogger Manish 12:51 AM

Fleming has a valid point...wouldn't the Lankans have taken a run, had there been an overthrow on that occasion?    

Anonymous Stone 5:10 PM

hahahaha Brian Jerling knew McCullum's past too well , and hence that gesture :-)    

Anonymous Matt Thornton 6:15 AM

It was a valid dismissal. Murali committed a schoolboy error. You don't walk out of your ground if the ball is still live!    

Blogger Ananth 5:46 PM

the very fact that brain jerling was gesticulating to murali shows how much every one was aware about the run out oppurtunuty.
Murali should have known better.    

Blogger ugyen 6:26 AM

hahah...guys, can i join as well, good to get explore to the cricketing blogosphere of the world. I sure does get a good idea from all of your blog, my TV cable is still unplugged for past months, lazy to connect it though.

Blogger Pratik 4:13 AM

I think Murli's acted like a inexperienced Cricketer. It's Cricket my Boy.    

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