Irfan makes a case for himself..

The selectors would be announcing the squad for the next 2 ODIs against the West Indies tonight and Pathan's name would definitely figure prominently in their discussions prior to the announcement. He probably hasn't done enough to suggest that he is back to full-form, but sure has presented a good case for himself. After picking 3 wickets in the first innings of the Ranji Trophy semi-final against Mumbai, he triggered a dramatic Mumbai top-order collapse in the second innings. Mumbai lost their first 5 wickets for nothing with Pathan picking up three of those (Rakesh Patel accounted for the remaining 2). Kukreja, Jaffer, Shah, Muzumdar and Sharma were all back in the pavilion for ducks within the first 20 balls of the innings. It remains to be seem if this would be enough for Pathan to get back into the national squad.

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Blogger Aspi 8:06 AM

Forget Irfan, Rakesh Patel has been our unsung hero for the last few seasons. It's a shame he's 28 and probably won't get a look in by the selectors.    

Blogger omar 9:19 PM

there is now way India will go to the WC without pathan. Now that he has been selected in the squad, he should play the next couple of ODI's to get some valuable match practice...    

Blogger shakester 8:27 PM

i agree. pathan looks like he will go.
so whats your wc squad then?    

Blogger Cricpro 9:56 AM


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Blogger Abu Safiyah 12:31 AM

Agree with you Aspi. There are guys like Bose also 28 in prime form, but in all probability will never be picked.

A classic case is that of our Mr. Arun Lal. (Never a great fan of his, neither his commentary), yet this guys scored by tons in domestic and when he was past his form and prime, gets picked in the indian team.

But then we just can't get past the Sehwags..    

Blogger Pratik 11:11 PM

Well said, Abu. We just can't get past the Sehwags...and the Irfan Pathans.

I don't know what to make of Pathan. He's completely lost it with his bowling. The only thing I can think of is that he's good in Indian conditions, but not otherwise. After all, he was doing really well until we went to the West Indies last year. That's the only thing that could explain his dramatic fall.

I hope they don't play him. With little to no time in the field, he's a big risk. Shouldn't have been picked in the first place.    

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