"Mr. Tamil Nadu Cricket" retires

Courtesy: Sid Vaidyanathan/Cricinfo
c Martin b Bhoite 0. Seven balls, thirteen minutes, offbreak padded away, bat nowhere in the picture, umpire raises finger, end of a 15-year career. It wasn't the best way to bid adieu, but it was probably the most symbolic. For nearly a minute, Sridharan Sharath stood transfixed, glaring at the umpire and repeated a question that's haunted him through his career: 'What did I do to deserve that?'

8390 runs at a 50+ average in a career spanning 15 years - and not a single chance to prove his credentials at the highest level. Mr. & Mrs. Luck just didn't seem to have bothered to knock on his bat atleast once. W&L will always remember Sharath as "Mr. Tamil Nadu Cricket" and wishes him the very best in all his future endeavors.

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Blogger Krishna 7:15 AM

Congratulation Sharath and good luck

- T.R. Krishna Kumar    

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Blogger ugyen 6:42 AM

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Blogger omar 7:58 PM

wow - how sad. I read about him on various websites.

do u think its the system of selection? where its quota based that leads to these kinds of circumstances? I've heard that you can't have too many players from 1 state, hence they have a quota system in india. is that true?    

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