Bob Woolmer, Rest in Peace

I really don't know how to put what I'm feeling inside in words. Bob held one of the two (Greg C being the other) most difficult, demanding and stressful coaching jobs in the whole wide world of sports. He is no more and the mere knowledge of that fact is bound to deeply hurt and sadden all those genuine lovers of the game. When the Pakistan team assembles together for its next practice session, there would be no Bob to give them catching practice and fielding drills. When Pakistan plays Zimbabwe in its final group match on Wednesday, there would be no Bob Woolmer, sitting with his laptop and peering through the LCD for a solution to the team's problems. He will not be there to be happy for them if they do well or to share their grief if they don't.

After the Irish skipper hit that winning six yesterday, the cameras zoomed towards the Pakistan dressing room - a grim looking Bob Woolmer, stood up packed his laptop and walked away. That was the last time, most of us saw him alive. He has finished his innings and walked away to a better place - a place from which he would never return. Probably, a place where his effigy wouldn't get burnt, where his motives and intentions would never get doubted and where he would finally relax and rest in peace..

We'll miss you, Bob. May your soul rest in peace and may your family and friends have the strength and courage to deal with this tragic loss.


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Anonymous Anonymous 10:09 PM

May his soul rest in piece!    

Anonymous Anonymous 12:39 AM

It is said that a precious life had to be sacrificed for a doomed cause.As a Pakistani I feel an inner guilt. Possibly those who need to be accountable should now resign and make way for more professional people so that cricket pakistan can start breathing again. It would be an apt tribute to the departed soul. God Bless Pakistan and may God almighty give strength to Mr. Woolmer's family to bear this loss    

Anonymous Anonymous 3:18 AM

Woolmer Demise during the world cup really leave all of us shocked and gloomy. I think it was too much for him to take but for those who did was as simple as destiny!

May his soul rest in peace and May Allah the Almighty show us the way to be a responsible cricket players.

I pass on my sincere condolence to Mr.Woolmer Family.    

Anonymous Anonymous 3:27 AM

What could Bob have done to help Pakistan not get defeated?

The Pakistan players go abroad and see Whiskey and smell beer, and get drunk to bone, something they are not allowed in Pakistan.

Drink to Jehannat, let the world cup go to Jehannam. and poor BOB died.    

Anonymous Anonymous 1:58 AM

a great loss to the cricketing world, speaks loads about the kind of stress and pressure players and coaches of the subcontinent face.    

Anonymous Wes 5:00 AM

Its a sad loss to the whole cricket world and may his soul rest in peace.    

Anonymous Swapnil 3:35 AM

Well the reports that have been coming in and if sarfraz is to be believed, a lot of people are responsible for whatever happened. And if it is true then I hope all of them are punished for this shameful act.
Smart Alec    

Blogger Millionaire Essexboy 7:55 AM

Bob Woolmer was a man of integrity, humility and of passion and dedication to the game of cricket, he deeply touched 3 continents, England as a player, South Africa and Pakistan as coach. Bob, may the cricket teas be to your delight in your eternal rest.    

Blogger Millionaire Essexboy 7:57 AM

Bob Woolmer was a man of dignity, integrity and passion. Having palyed in England, coached South Africa and Pakistan, his demise is felt across the cricketing world. Bob, may the cricket teas be to your delight in your eternal cricket match in the sky.    

Blogger madan 12:11 AM

Cricket will miss a Legend of a Coach.A person whose contribution to Modern Thinking in the Game of Cricket will always be remembered by True Cricket Fans -- Madan    

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