The million dollar over

Courtesy: Cricinfo
29.1 van Bunge to Gibbs, SIX, Violence! Gibbs charged down the track and hoicked it over long on.
29.2 van Bunge to Gibbs, SIX, Murder! Floated on the leg and middle stump line and Gibbs sends it soaring over long-off.
29.3 van Bunge to Gibbs, SIX, Carnage! Flatter one this time but it makes no difference to Gibbs. He just stands there and delivers. This one also has been sucked over long off
29.4 van Bunge to Gibbs, SIX, Wah Wah! Low full toss and guess where this went Yep. A slap slog and it went over deep midwicket! He is going to go for 6 sixes in this over!
29.5 van Bunge to Gibbs, SIX, Short in length, on the off stump line and Gibbs rocks back and swat-pulls it over wide long off. SImply amazing. What a batsman. This is pure violence!
29.6 van Bunge to Gibbs, SIX, He has done it! One-day record. No one has hit six sixes in a row. GIbbs stands alone in that zone. And the minnow bashing continues! Full and outside off and bludgeoned over deep midwicket

This is the first time that anyone has ever scored 6 sixers in an over in international cricket. By doing this Gibbs has not only worked his way into the record books, but also has won the Johnnie Walker Sixes Challenge. The tournament sponsor Johnnie Walker had announced earlier this week that it would be offering $1 million to Habitat for Humanity housing projects for the first batsman to hit six sixes in one over at the World Cup.

It was absolute carnage at Bassaterre - 198 runs were plundered in the last 13 overs with South Africa finally finishing at 353/3 in 40 overs.

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Anonymous Anonymous 4:57 PM

and this was not the only record broken in this match. SA took full toll of the minnows to set the records tumbling, Hey I am a new blogger and have already linked your blog. Will you be kind enough to vsit mine and if you like it, add to your blogroll. Smart Alec    

Blogger sky 1:04 AM

Six sixes in one over.....Double jackpot

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Anonymous Amit 2:20 AM

Well the six sixes were sensational, though the minnow status played spoilsport. It would have really been big if came against Austrailia - how i wish it'd had happened.
anyways Mr. Anonymous u gotta cool looking place best of luck.    

Anonymous The Village Cricketer 7:31 AM

You can get the Gibbs over on Youtube, I have a link to it on my blog:    

Anonymous Anonymous 5:32 PM

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.    

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