Indian Bowling Coach - Prasad vs Sekhar

Chappell's support staff included some quality professionals, but it lacked a bowling coach. It could be argued that had there been a good bowling coach, Irfan Pathan wouldn't be in the quagmire that he finds himself in right now. The same could be said of Harbhajan Singh.

It took one dismal world cup performance to finally convince the BCCI to appoint separate coaches for bowling and fielding. Thirumalai Ananthanpillai Sekhar, the chief coach at the MRF Pace Foundation would have been my choice for being the bowling coach of the Indian Cricket Team. But Venkatesh Prasad is not a bad choice at all. He has been coaching the junior teams over the past few years and has been doing it really well. Bowling coaches are usually fast-bowling coaches - the reason probably being that modern day teams have very few slow bowlers in their ranks. Sekhar has been instrumental in moulding the careers of quite a few fast-bowlers of this generation, but doesn't really have much to offer to the spinners. Prasad holds the slight edge here (not because he used to bowl quite a few slow deliveries towards the end of his career) because he has a bit of experience at wholistic coaching. Another reason could be that Prasad (given his age) is being seen as someone who could handle the mantle of being the full-coach at some point down the line.

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Blogger Shan 6:00 AM

You are absolutely right.

Unlike TA Sekhar, Prasad is uniquely suited to cater to both fast medium pacers and spinners, being a fastish leg spinner himself!    

Blogger Stone 9:08 AM

hahaha, these were the exact my sentiments when I came to know abt Prasad's appointment as bowling coach, his bowling speed was a pace or two more/less than Kumble's :-)

What do u think England's new coach?    

Blogger Shan 10:26 PM

England's new coach? I just don't know enough about him to make a judgment. Frankly, I have never paid any attention to him before he was made coach. Let's see how he does. Fletcher's will be big shoes to fill.    

Anonymous Smart Alec 2:36 AM

Hi Prasad seems to be a good choice but how many coaches do we actually need. We now have Shastri and Robin Singh along with Prasad. Well I now think that Chappl defenitely deserved his fat pay cheque. Anyways i think at international Level it's more to do with the attitude and temprament of players rather than coaches teaching them how to play. The coach should ideally be mentally strong and capable of instilling the same in his team.    

Blogger Anuraw 4:55 AM

Vishnu, in my openion either of them T.Shekar and Venky are good options but my only concern is that how they going to help Indian Fast Bowlers.
Both were good medium pacers at their prime where we need coaches who can tell our bowlers how to bowl fast. No one is in my mind coming from india who can do this job better than any non-indian.

Current medium bowlers from indian teem visit MRF pace foundation quite frequently and non of them is learn the tricks of bowling fast from shekar.
What you think?    

Blogger vishnupavan 9:20 AM

At the international level, you don't need a bowling coach to teach you how to swing the ball, how to bowl a yorker or a bouncer. You need him to make sure that the bowler sticks to the basics at all times - no matter how good and experienced they are, bowlers tend to inadvertently pick some bad habits and lose need someone to make sure that these bad habits are caught at the bud.. For this, each bowler needs to be given special attention and that is definitely not something one coach can do. I've always believed that you don't need to be a great player to be a great coach. The fact that Prasad and Sekhar never got to be feared tear-away fast bowlers does not make them less qualified to coach someone like Malinga. Each bowler has some limitations and strong-points and it is the coach's job to work with that and make sure that the bowler maximizes his potential. Yes, there isn't much a coach can do, if a player doesn't have the right attitude - but if there is someone is willing to put in the hard yards, it is the coach's responsibility that he makes the bowler reach for the stars..    

Blogger Anuraw 11:04 AM

Vish, i agree with your point that coaches just need to guide at international level. But my point is when they first come to international level our bowlers uset to bowl quite quick (140 kmph), you can take eg. of Zaheer, Munaf and Irfan.. But what happened to them Zaheer rarelly bowl at 140 mark, Munaf and Irfan are a touch quick than Kumble;). How they became like this? all of them are products of MRF academy and still visit their and no improvement!

Australia and Pakistan have peoples who can tell young guys how to bowl fast do we have any one like them? If now i think we should look for some foreign person for this job not an indian.    

Blogger anjali simon 5:01 AM

Prasad could become a good coach but its not the solution at all. Changing the coach again and again is not good sign for team. Although Prasad is worthy for this post.

Cricket News    

Anonymous Anonymous 9:55 AM

Brim over I agree but I think the brief should prepare more info then it has.    

Anonymous Anonymous 6:54 PM

Again a fair post. Because of your friend    

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