Whose son?

Courtesy: Cricket Next
Tamil Nadu’s left arm spinner Vidyut (three for 14), son of former Indian leg spinner and TV commentator Laxman Shivaramakrishnan, K Vasudeva Das (two for 20) and U Mahesh (two for 29) then bowled a tight line and length to restrict Haryana to 111 all out off 19.4 overs.

41 year old Laxman wouldn't be too thrilled to know that he has a 25 year old son. This is just another case of bad journalism. For the uninitiated, Vidyut is actually the son of Venkatraman Sivaramakrishnan, the former Tamil-Nadu player.

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Blogger Abu Safiyah 12:55 AM


however I need to complain that your blog entries are too few and far apart..

Are you still watching the World Cup?    

Blogger Stone 9:36 AM

Now they've changed that news to say 'son of former TN batman V.Sivaramakrishnan' !

Also, I agree with Abu.    

Blogger vishnupavan 12:05 PM

Abu and Stone, Sorry guys.. I do realize that I haven't been updating the blog as frequently as I would like to... 'll be trying hard from now on not to disappoint..

and yeah.. I'm still watching the WC - rooting for the Lankans..    

Blogger Thanks to World 6:29 AM

Dear Cricket Fans, We missed Lara.

Get more analysis and critics of World cup 2007


Thanks all    

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Blogger angshu 9:42 AM

Relieved that you busted this increasingly popular mistkae. A cricket loving friend had put this info in front of me.....and I thought there were other reasons for his cricketing talent losing its way at a young age.    

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