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    Saturday, April 18, 2009
    Just before the coin was about to be tossed, Dhoni called time-out. He rushed off, grabbed a pen and made a quick change to the playing-eleven on the team-sheet. Something on the pitch gave him second thoughts? I don't know. T20 is all about quick thinking and the WC winning captain knows a thing or two about making decisions on a spur. Poor Ravi Shastri. Because of the false start, he had to welcome the crowd all over again.

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    A very disappointed Kaif

    No, not Katrina. She would be cheering for Mallya's team. It is that less-glamorous name-sake of hers that I'm talking about.
    Courtesy: DNA India
    It is learnt that on Tuesday afternoon Kaif got the call from the team management. When Warne dropped the bombshell that he "wasn't in their scheme of things", Kaif was stunned. The seven players, who were told to pack their bags, were called individually for an interaction with Warne and Co.

    According to sources, Kaif was upset on two counts. He couldn't hide his disappointment when he realised that he would play no part. Also, he couldn't understand why the Royals captain-cum-coach did not tell him earlier that his services would not be required.

    "If Kaif was informed ahead of the transfer window that ran from December 22 to January 22 that he may not make the final squad then he could have considered playing for another team. Seven other squads were looking for players," the source added

    Kaif does have a reason to be disappointed.If he wasn't really in the RR's scheme of things, he should have been told about it ahead of the transfer window. There are much less talented Indian players in the other teams and it is kinda sad that one of the most prolific Indian domestic players wouldn't be on view in this edition. I know that there are some people who would tag him as a long-duration-game player, but I do think he has more to offer in the other forms too.

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    Eye Pee Yell

    Less than an hour to go for the first game of the new season. It does seem like the weather would have a say on today's games. Keep your gloves crossed. It is going to be one cracking tournament. I just can't wait to see Dhoni and Sachin walk out to test their probability skills with the toss. 

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