3+1 (or) 2+2

There is a lot of speculation going around on whether India would go in with a 3(Seamers)+1(Spinner) combination or with a 2(Seamers)+2(Spinners) combination for tomorrow's game against England in Bangalore. Given that Ashish Nehra is (supposedly) still injured, it comes down to a toss up between Sreesanth and Piyush Chawla (or R Ashwin).

Sreesanth's performance in the opening game might actually make it an easy decision for Dhoni. Also, considering how the spinners fared in the warm-up game at the same ground, it should really be a no-brainer. KP's well-documented history with Yuvi and left-arm spinners in general would tempt Dhoni to gamble throwing the new ball to Yuvi. But throwing pies accurately in the power-play overs might be too much of an ask and India would be better off opening with a specialist spinner instead.

Harbhajan Singh is needed to control the middle overs, so his overs shouldn't be wasted up-front. Ashwin's supporters might argue that Dhoni has used him a lot with the new ball in the IPL and that experience should make him the front-runner for the second-spinner's spot. But Chawla would be quietly confident of his chances because he is a better attacking option and his spells in the warm-up games have made up inch ahead of Ashwin in the eyes of everyone that matters.

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